Payroll Services*

- Running your weekly, two-weekly, four-weekly, monthly and annual payrolls

- Calculating National Insurance and Income Tax deductions

- Calculating other deductions such as Student Loans, Pension Contributions and Attachment of Earnings Orders

- Calculating statutory payments like Maternity (SMP), Sickness (SSP) etc.

- Calculating and managing holiday pay for all employees

- Managing Auto Enrolment which includes uploading employee and employer contributions to selected pension provider

- Payslips sent electronically or via post

- Reports sent electronically or via post

- Producing P45's and sending them electronically or via post directly to leavers

- Submitting information to HMRC

- Submitting and running Year End information including P60's

Bookkeeping Services*

- data input of sales and purchase invoices

- bank reconciliation and report

- profit and loss reporting

- Creditors/Debtors reports

- expense reports

* If there are services that you require that are not listed above, please get in contact with us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

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